About CitySiesta

Your personal guide for short-term city rentals

CitySiesta is all about enjoying life! We think an important ingredient for doing so is experiencing new perspectives with optimism and enthusiasm.  We really believe that having an authentic experience of a new place can really triple your enjoyment.


Back in 1998, this notion is what led our founder, Dutch-Barcelonian Jakob Mastenbroek to begin renting holiday apartments in Barcelona. Living in this vibrant city inspired him to give visitors a more intimate understanding of it.


When you rent an apartment in the thick of a city, you’re mixing with local people, buying your groceries where they do – you can experience the city as though you are actually living there. How much more of an authentic experience can you get?


Location is key, so all of our carefully chosen apartments are in the hearts of their cities. Having rented holiday apartments online for 15 years, you could say that we’re veterans in our industry.


We mentioned enjoying life? Well, family is essential to that too. CitySiesta became a family business as it grew. When globetrotter Jakob visited Seville with his wife and daughter, they knew this spirited city needed to be part of CitySiesta.  By 2004, they fell in love with Lisbon whilst there to see the UEFA Championship, so this colourful city was also added. Florence followed soon after and then came Amsterdam. We now list around 400 apartments in 5 cities and we’re still exploring to see what else we can share with you!


You matter to us. We’re here to use our experience and local knowledge to help you find the perfect place to stay. We want to hear from you and will always do our best to make sure that you’ll want to come back to us year after year.


Happy travels!


The CitySiesta Team