Holiday apartments for rent in Amsterdam


    What CitySiesta offers is an alternative to a regular hotel. We offer you a complete apartment or studio, self catered but with a fully equipped kitchen to prepare your meals or breakfast, bedlinen to sleep well and towels. And that in a place surrounded by other local neighbours. So you become part of the gang! But you speak another language? No worry, it is considered normal that a local speaks at least 3 or more languages. The Dutch people are very relaxed with people from abroad.

    There is a wide range of choices and each apartment is different from to the other. If you scroll to the end of the initial page on the city and click on All Apartments in Amsterdam it will show the total offer and we have a lot to offer. Of course, when you know the period you are coming and the number of people coming with you, the best to do is to use our search form to check our Amsterdam apartments availability. It will show you the apartments available for that period. An apartment also tends to be cheaper than a hotel. If you come as a family or two couples for instance, the cost per person becomes very competitive. This apart from the fact that you have a kitchen to cook in, or just prepare a breakfast or coffee, or prepare a special food for the kids or baby. And if you are in Amsterdam for business, it is much more pleasurable to sit in a living room, relaxed with a glass of wine you bought a bottle of, doing your work, reading the paper or watching TV, than sitting in a hotel room. You may not be a cook, but making a coffee in the morning with a croissant you bought from the nearby bakery is already a big pleasure? Small is beautifil! CitySiesta is the vehicle you are looking for to make a reservation for a short-stay-apartment-rental in Amsterdam. You are a few clicks away to make this on-line booking and we hope to see you soon in this beautiful city!